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Herbal Hills - Glohills 50g Mud Pack with Kokum butter

Rs. 186.00
  • Helps in cleansing deep rooted impurities.
  • May help to hydrate the skin & keep it moisturized.
  • May help clear blemishes.
  • May help improve blood circulation making the skin soft and tender

Glohills Natural Mud Pack: Best Mud Pack for Face/ Mud Face Pack/ Mud Skin Care

Looking for the best mud pack for face? Glohills Mud Pack from Herbal Hills is the ultimate answer. This natural mud pack may have extremely beneficial effects on your skin. Moreover, our mud face pack is herbal and without any harmful chemicals, so there are no adverse effects. So try Glohills mud for skin and know why it is the top choice of consumers.

Glohills Mud Skin Care is a formulation of various herbs. These herbs are Haldi, Neem, Tulsi, Kokum, Almond oil, Arjuna and Aloe Vera, mixed in Multani mitti. Through these ingredients, it may cleanse the skin and promote natural skin care.

Furthermore, this mud for skin may help manage the inner beauty of the skin and outer glow as well. Glohills Mud Pack may help improve skin complexion and may also provide rejuvenative effects to the face. Haldi, Neem and Tusli’s astringent and cooling properties may help control excess oil secretion and be beneficial in acne and pimples. It may also possess antiaging action and help improve skin lustre and skin tone. Multani mitti may help in skin cell renewal, too.

Additionally, Glohills Mud Pack may help moisturize, nourish and protect the skin from dryness and may even smoothen it. It may also be a powerful detoxifier and antioxidant so it may help provide complete health to the skin.


The direction of Application :

Apply lavishly on cleansed face. Leave it for 20 mins. & then wash it off with water.