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Herbal Hills Arthrohills Oil 100ml Joint Pain Relief

Rs. 295.00


Arthrohills Oil - Unveiling the Symphony of Comfort and Mobility!

 Introducing our remarkable Arthrohills Oil, the topical and targeted formula for Arthritis Pain & Joint Pain Relief. A harmoniously crafted blend of nature's wonders to liberate you from pain's grasp and gift you comfort, mobility and joy!


  • Til Oil's Soothing Base: This oil's foundation is til oil, known for its deep penetration and comforting warmth, making it the perfect carrier for pain relief. Til oil paves the way for a seamless infusion of healing properties allowing the potent ingredients to work their magic deep within, cocooning your joints in comfort.
  • Dashmool's Harmony: The synergy of dashmool - a blend of ten potent herbs eases inflammation, inviting serenity and relief to take the stage within your body, making way for tranquility and inviting peace into your joints.
  • Nirgundi's Gift: Nirgundi's enchanting pain-relieving properties sweeps through your body to bring solace to aching joints, addressing discomfort and helping you reclaim the joy of fluid and unhindered movement, fostering a renewed sense of well-being.
  • Gandha Biroha's Comfort: This fragrant herb joins the mix, infusing the oil with a touch of tranquility and relaxation, further amplifying the oil's pain-relieving prowess.
  • Mahanarayan Tail's Grace: Mahanarayan tail, a revered Ayurvedic concoction, lends its grace to alleviate joint stiffness, nurturing your mobility and promote flexibility.
  • Shallaki's Touch: Shallaki, or boswellia, empowerment soothes inflammation, allowing you to rediscover the freedom of effortless mobility and embracing your life's movements with renewed vigor.
  • Nature's Harmony: The blend of Nirgundi Patra, Vishagarbha oil, Niligiri oil, Kapur oil, and Pudina oil creates a symphony of relief that penetrates deep into the joints, offering you the gift of liberation from pain.


Reimagine your life without the limitations of pains and spasms. Embark on a journey with the holistic power of nature’s remedies, rediscovering the joy of movement and redefining your relationship with pain. Move towards a life filled with vitality and comfort!


Usage Instructions:

Take sufficient quantity of oil & apply on the affected part, massage gently to facilitate penetration, Leave it on. Fomentation may be done before application.