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Herbal Hills - Moringa Tablets for Weight Management

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Main Ingredients:

Moringa Benefits: 

  • Moringa for immunity: Moringa's high antioxidant content may help to improve your immunity and keeps you safe from infections. 
  • Moringa as natural energy booster: Not only does moringa energy pills help to ward off stress and tiredness, but moringa also has the potential to help to improve energy level. *
  • Moringa for Lactation: Moringa may help in meeting the calcium requirements of nursing mothers. Thus known as natural lactation supplement *
  • Moringa for weight loss & Digestion: Moringa leaves are beneficial against digestive problems like constipation, bloating, gas, gastritis. Also, act as a metabolism booster for weight loss and known as a powder for weight loss *
  • Purity & Quality: Moringa Supplements are Completely natural, premium quality, vegan friendly, and without any harmful chemicals.

Direction of Use:

Take 1 tablet twice daily preferably after meals. For better results it should be taken with warm water