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Ayur Champ - Fat loss supplement - trimovedic - 900 tablet

Rs. 4,737.00 Rs. 5,100.00

1)Fat loss supplement for men and women.
2)Improved metabolism, Appetite suppressant.
3)Take 1 tablet twice daily, preferable after meals.
4)Manufactured in India and GMP approved facility. State of Art manufacturing facility


We have been in the business of bringing to the world the benefits of Ayurveda in a manner that is convenient to use in our chaotic lifestyles! Whether it is Hypertension or Stress induced ailments, our products have been successful in helping millions of people cope and get better, naturally. So also it has been with our foray into offering a slimming hand to those in search of one! TrimoVedic is a ultimate solution to all weight worries.