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Ayurvedic Life - Eye health supplement - occuplus - 900 capsule

Rs. 6,537.00 Rs. 10,230.00

1)Specially designed capsule of herbs and ghee for eye health and promote macular health.
2)Comprehensive formula of Clarified butter with Triphala which rejuvenates and improves eyesight.
3)Triphala having amla, baheda & harde helps to give eyes the nutriets they need to stay healthy.
4)Promotes eye antioxidants, Boosts eye functions.


Occu Plus capsule is uniquely designed for those who sit for long hours in front of a computer screen, have dry / irritated eyes, or suffer from eye conditions. This all-in-1 eye supplement provides herbal aids like amla, baheda, harde to help give your eyes the nutrients they need to stay healthy.