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Herbal Hills - Calcihills Capsules - Bone health Supplements

Rs. 325.00
Calcihills Benefits-
  • Calcium mineral supplement supports healthy bones and teeth.
  • Supports bone metabolism and maintains bone density.
  • Helps in supplementing your daily calcium requirements.
  • May help in bone mineralization and ensures normal bone growth


Calcihills Capsules: Bone Health Supplements/ Osteoporosis Natural Treatment Supplements/ Bone Supplements

Bones are an important part of our body which provides strength and stability. Strong bones mean we are able to do any physical activity without any worry and pain. It is an indicator of a healthy body. However, if bone health is not proper, you can feel weak even while doing basic things and it’s difficult to cope up with the world. Bone weakness means calcium and vitamin deficiency. To impart that bone wellness, Herbal Hills has produced Calcihills (Bone Health Supplements) which may also promote healthy bone care and strengthening effects on bones. Having a calcium Ayurveda supplement is always a wise choice.

Calcihills (Osteoporosis Natural Treatment Supplements) is an Ayurvedic combination of various herbs. Some of them are Khatika, Godanti bhasma, Shankh bhasma, Mukta sukti bhasma, Kapardika bhasma, Hadjod extract, and Ashwagandha extract. Additionally, it contains calcium and minerals supplements and calcium enriched contents. We all know that Calcium provides bone strength.

With these herbs, our bone supplements may also provide nutrition to bones, prevent loss of bone density, reduce pain and also promote healing. Ashwagandha’s Withafrein A has beneficial effects on bones. Moreover, Hadjod may also be useful in bone fractures and healing of bones faster. 

Dosage/Directions of Use - Take 1 capsule twice daily preferably after meals or as recommended by the physician.For better results it should be taken with warm water.