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Herbal Hills - Ayurvedic Hair Spa Basket

Rs. 599.00 Rs. 700.00
  • Kesho Forte Hair Oil: Targets hair loss and promotes natural hair growth. Ideal for Men & women
  • Kesho Forte Hair Wash: Made with Ayurvedic Hair Care Ingredients, it is a great solution for deep cleansing of scalp
  • Kesho Forte Hair Mask: Made with Farm Fresh Ayurvedic Herbs from Herbal Hills Own Organic Farm. It may give you a dandruff-free healthy silky and shiny hair

    Ayurvedic Hair Spa Kit: Herbal Hills has done an immense research and come up with this "Complete Hair Care Solution"

    If you want to do Hair Spa at Home? Then this "Kesho Forte Hair Care Kit" is the best pick! 

    From Hair Oiling to Offering Immense Nutrition and Hair Salon Like Look, this Ayurvedic Hair Care Kit contains everything!!!!!

    1.Kesho Forte Ayurvedic Hair Oil:  

    Main Ingredients: Henna, Aloevera, Brahmi, Jaswand, Bhringraj, Methi seeds, Amla, Kalonji seed, Sarso oil


    • May reduce dryness, itchiness, split ends, & fakes
    • Nourishes dry hair & scalp
    • May improve hair growth & reduce hair fall
    • May reduce dandruff
    • Anti-oxidant property may promote hair regeneration

    Direction of Use: gently massage Ayurvedic Hair Oil Kesho Forte into hair ensuring that the entire scalp is covered. The treatment works as a natural conditioner if left on for at least 20 minutes. May also be left overnight if desired.

    2. Kesho Forte Ayurvedic Hair Wash:

    Main Ingredients: Shikakai, Arithra, Amla, Aloevera Pulp, Bhringraj, Neem leaves, Henna Leaves, Methi seeds, Kalonji seeds, Jaswand leaves, Betal leaves, Curry leaves.


    • Cleansing nature may prevent follicles from getting blocked, detangling your hair gently.
    • Essential fatty acids helps to make hair softer, shinier and voluminous
    • May improve hair growth, help prevent dandruff, may reduce hair fall and repair split ends.
    • May strengthen and repairs hair strands to promote hair growth.

      Direction of Use: Take sufficient amount of Kesho Forte Hair Wash  (according to your hair length). Massage with it in a circular motion till it lather. Then cleanse it will either cold or luckewarm water to see visible results. 

      3. Kesho Hair Mask Powder: 

      Main Ingredients: Amla, Methi seed, Shikakai, Henna leaves, Aloevera, Bhringraj, Aritha, Neem, Kalonji, Curry leaves, Jaswand


      • It may retain the natural acid-alkaline balance on your scalp
      • It may remove dirt and oil without messing this balance, unlike other chemical-based products.
      • It will give deep conditioner that may live your hair feeling absolutely gorgeous
      • It may give you a dandruff-free healthy silky and shiny hair

        Direction of Use: 
        • This is a Hair spa therapy at home
        • Cleansing: Firstly, wash your hair with kesho forte hair wash to cleans the scalp and remove dirt
        • Oiling: Then apply kesho forte hair oil and gently massage for 5-10 min. It improves blood circulation let it rest for 15-20 mins
        • Steaming: Then take a towel and dip it in a hot water. Remove excessive water and wrap it around your hair. It helps to penetrate the oil and nourishes the scalp.
        • Hair Mask: Mix one sachet of Kesho Hair mask with 1 small bowl of water. Apply on the scalp and through the entire length of your hair. Keep it on for 40-50 min and then rinse of with the water.
          "Enjoy your silky, healthy, glowing and well-nourished hair with this Ayurvedic Hair Spa Kit!!!!"