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Want to Buy Authentic tested Ayurvedic products online near you?

Here is the Best Ayurvedic Shop in Kolkata

Ayurvedic Online Store is considered as one of the best Ayurvedic Shop in Kolkata.

Supreme-Quality Ayurvedic Products Our Aim is to offer "the Best Healthcare Solution at Your Doorstep". To fulfill our aim, we own the Organic Land in the Sahyadri Mountains to harvest premium quality herbs in all our formulations.

Here, at AYURVEDIC ONLINE STORE, you will get the certified Ayurvedic products that have been made under the guidence of experienced R&D team and Clinical experts.

One-Stop Solution for Health Problems

Ayurvedic Online Store has come up with unique Ayurvedic Formulations.

⮞ Medicated Cow Ghee Formulation: We own a Dairy Farm of 200+ Gir Cows, which we use to product 100% pure A2 cow ghee. We used this A2 cow ghee to prepare unqiue Ayurvedic Formulations for various Health Problems like Eye Care, Immune Health, Women's Health etc.

⮞ Bio-Enhancer Formulation: In this formulation, plat-based bio-enhancers has been used to enhance the effectivity of the Ayurvedic Products.

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Back to Nature

Ayurvedic Online Store believes in offering 100% Natural, Ayurvedic & Organic Healthcare Products at Your Doorsteps.

We have "Own Organic Land" in the array of Sahyadri mountains to maintain the optimum nutritional value of the herbs.

We source other Raw herbs from the trusted Farm and it goes through the quality checking before further processing.

Our "Ayurvedic Powders" are made using the Authentic sun dried herbs to enhance its overall quality. These powders are great for preparing various Home Remedies

Our "Single Herbal Supplements" are made using the combination of Single Herbal Powder & Its Extract.

One-Stop Online Store for All Health Problems

"Your Problems - Our Solutions"

We our one of the leading Ayurvedic Online Store to provide Ayurvedic Healthcare products for 20+ Health Problems.

These Health Problems ranges from common Weight Management, Stress Management, Digestion, to severe Joint Pain, Memory Health, Gout Care, Heart Care, Blood Sugar Management, etc.

All these Ayurvedic Healthcare Supplements are avaialble in Powder, Capsule, Tablets, & Juice form for added benefits of the customers.